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Having a beautiful smile can make all the difference in your self-confidence for important events like a job interview, graduation, or wedding, or simply for your everyday life. If you’re embarrassed by your yellow, stained, or discolored teeth, we have the solution! Our KöR professional gel teeth whitening systems can give you the picture-perfect results you’re looking for—a naturally whiter and brighter smile with lasting results—even if you have geriatric or tetracycline staining. Learn how our professional teeth whitening in Plantation, FL can help!

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We’ll have you in for a consultation first, so we can ensure you’re getting the best solution for the condition of your teeth. With the various levels of potency available, we can whiten your teeth to a naturally brighter shade and improve your confidence in a beautiful smile! You’ll first be fitted with a custom tray, which you’ll fill with the specific whitening gel and wear, either during the day or overnight. 

If you need more specialized treatment, you have a few in-office whitening appointments, too. Our tray-based KöR gel whitening doesn’t use lasers or lights, so your experience is more comfortable and effective than many other professional and over-the-counter brands. With a personalized whitening solution, most patients have the following results:

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Routine maintenance at our office is certainly one way to ensure your teeth whitening results are lasting. But there’s more you can do at home, too. Be sure to brush and floss your teeth daily, especially if you drink beverages like coffee, tea, and wine or smoke or use tobacco. A daily hygiene routine and twice-yearly cleanings at our office can help keep surface-level stains on your teeth from becoming noticeable. By following our simple at-home and professional maintenance recommendations, you can enjoy a beautiful white and bright smile for life!

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