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Are you considering a dental bridge or partial denture to replace your missing teeth? You don’t have to choose these temporary options! We offer dental implants, a permanent replacement for missing teeth that are healthier, stronger, and more life-like than any other solution you could choose. In fact, dental implants are so much better that they’re considered the “gold standard” for replacing teeth! Don’t let your missing teeth cause discomfort or embarrassment any longer. Get them replaced with our dental implants in Plantation, FL!

Understanding Dental Implants

Dental implants are made up of three parts: the titanium post (tooth root), a dental crown or bridge (visible tooth or teeth), and abutments that secure the restoration to the posts. Without harming any of your other teeth, a dental implant can effectively replace your visible tooth crowns, provide the necessary stimulation to the jawbone, and restore chewing function comparable to healthy natural teeth. It’ll be as if you’d never lost a tooth or teeth in the first place! Dental implants aren’t removable like dentures and won’t cause discomfort or problems over time. They also are a healthier alternative to traditional dental bridges and look just as natural, if not more so.

The process for receiving dental implants at our office is incredibly streamlined and predictable thanks to our expertise and use of advanced technology. Our technology is so advanced, that we can actually show you a smile preview before or during your consultation of what you’ll look like once treatment is complete!

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Dental implants are truly the most ideal tooth replacement option, but they have a higher upfront cost than removable dentures or traditional bridges. But remember, dental implants are made to last your lifetime—without needing replacement, repair, or relining. In fact, over the same number of years, dental implants will become the more affordable solution! If you’re still not sure if dental implants are within your budget, we can help with our insurance and dental financing options. Rest assured, a new and long-lasting smile with dental implants is within your reach. Learn what your dental implant cost is by scheduling your consultation with Dr. Adkins today!

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